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Albay, Camalig Church

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Another Hispanic landmarks during the Spaniards era in the Philippines when the Christianity brought to Camalig . The century old church is the remnant of occupations by Spanish, an architectural heritage treasures that remains until the present generation. St. John the Baptist Church was constructed in 1605 headed by the friars, its original stone materials was then destroyed by the devastating eruption of Mt. Mayon on 1814. Through the benefactors the church re-claimed to be re-constructed using volcanic stones of the town started on 1837, the whole structure have been completed on 1848.

During world war II, this tower serves as guard tower for the American troops an advantage point to look out for the enemies. Until now still standing and strong hold from the test of time.

Century old St. John the Bapatist Church is located in Camalig, Tabacco, Albay. Accompanied by a local friend Sir Aldin Nasayao who are raised in the same town, shown us during the visit this architectural treasures and a priceless relics for the art enthusiasts that makes this church special and unique among the others. Come and visit Camalig, Albay, a home of historic places, old structure and  authentic maker of Pinangat. 

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